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Purchase and upgrade DiamCalc

Purchase DiamCalc 3.0 for 290 euro
Purchase DiamCalc 3.0 Pro for 2900 euro

If you have a Hasp version of DiamCalc - simply download the latest DC3 version from here Your upgrade is free. That key is the one shown in the pictures.

If you have a downloaded version of DiamCalc2.x without any HASP key then please click this link add your company information and registration key number that you can find by opening DC2 and clicking on Help (top right) and then Registration Info.... (Please copy and paste the key #ís to avoid errors). After Key confirmation OctoNus will send you an email with an link where for 65 euro plus delivery you can pay by secure credit card payment for delivery of the hasp key - shown on the bottom. (This covers the cost and handling of the key - the upgrade is essentially free).

If you wish to upgrade from DC2.x Hasp version to DC3Pro then go to Meanwhile please post your old DC2 long hasp key to Ideal-scope 110-114 Canterbury Road, Canterbury, 3126 Australia and you will be eligible for a 200 euro discounted upgrade at 2700 euro including a new DC3 hasp key.

Any DC3 version can be upgraded for 2650 euro by simply filling out the form & updating your program

All DiamCalc software should be downloaded from the latest most recent versions are here


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DiamCalc HASP keys

Hasp4 key (long)

If you have Hasp4 key (long)
Octonus DiamCalc 006-*****

please download DC3.0 version for Hasp4 key (long)
on download page

Hasp HL key (short)

If you have Hasp HL key (short)
Octonus DiamCalc3 008-*****

please download
DC3.2 beta version for HaspHL key (short)
on download page

If you have a downloaded version of DiamCalc2.x without any HASP key please read section Purchase and upgrade DiamCalc.