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The Internet Diamond Exchange
POLYGON - The Portal Website for the Jewelry Industry
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Gemological Institute of America
The Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
Precious Stone Laboratory in London
Canadian Institute of Gemology
Gem Profile's Library
International Gemological Institute
European Gemological Laboratory
Swiss Gemological Institute SSEF
Adamas Gemological Laboratory
Diamond Profile Laboratory

Diamond Cut Study

Reconciling the GIA Analysis of Brilliance Study with the Experience
Diamond Cut Study by Garry Holloway FGAA, DipDT
Quantifiable Symmetry Analysis - Overview
Facet Shoppe - Computer-Related Faceting Possibilities
"GIA Diamond Cut Research Technical FAQ"
"An In Depth Look at the Upcoming GIA Cut Grading System"

About Diamond Cut Study

"Still the Ideal?" by Rob Bates
"GIA to Ideal Cutters: Back to the 3-D Drawing Board" by Russell Shor
"GIA Brilliance Study Lacks Fire" by Gary Roskin
"GIA Releases Brilliant Diamond Cut Study" by Robert Weldon
"GIA's Brilliant Diamond Cut Study" by Robert Weldon
"Debating Cut" by Robert Weldon
"GIA Study Finds Many Paths to "Ideal"

Diamond Cut Techniques

Diamcad - diamond computer aided design
Oxygen - System for optimizing of rough diamonds cutting
Facet Shoppe - Computer-Related Faceting Possibilities

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The International Mineralogical Association
Mineralogical Society of America
The Mineralogical Record
Natural History Museum
Fersman Mineralogical Museum
Mineralogy Database

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International Colored Gemstone Association
American Society of Appraisers
Jewelers of America
American Gem Society
Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Gemmological Association of Australia
Gemmology in Scotland


National Jeweler
Diamond and Related Materials
Jeweller Circular Keystone - The International Publishing Group

American Institute of Diamond Cutting
Van-Daaze page. What to look for when you buy a diamond
European Gemological Laboratory and College of Gemology
The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Training School
University of Nantes Diploma in Gemology

EightStar Diamonds
International Diamond Council (HRD)
Israel Diamond Industry
Accurate Appraisal Associates
The Diamond Registry
Designer Diamonds on the Global Diamond Portal

Colored Stones

Gemstone Home Page


Pala International
The Diamond Chamber (Bourse) of Russia
Goodfine Diamond International Corporation
GemYes - Fine Quality Certified Gemstones and Jewels

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Russian Jewelry Server
Historical Gemological Society Lithica
"Moscow Kremlin" museum
International Moscow Jewelry Fair (in russian)