7. HDR photorealistic diamond and inclusions visualization

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The Photorealistic mode allows to make HDR photorealistic visualization of allocated diamonds and inner inclusions.

Now all the standard lightings - Office, Disco, IdealScope, ASET and other are available in the HDR photorealistic mode. We have also added two new HDR-specific lightings, namely HDR Default and HDR Disco II, to emphasize the benefits of the HDR visualization.

To view a photorealistic image of an allocated diamond with inclusions inside:

7.1 Types of inclusions visualization

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There are four types of inclusions visualization available in the program:

Photorealistic view (diamond and inclusions) Inclusions view (increased contrast for enhanced inclusions visibility)
Inclusions only Inclusions – schematic view (with status of inclusion in allocation process)

To select type of inclusions visualization:

7.2 Inclusions texture

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If photos used for inclusions construction are loaded into the project, inclusions texture will be created. Textures allow to make more realistic inclusions visualization.

Inclusions with texture
Inclusions without texture

Download the example, oxg file with photos

7.3 New lighting

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There are three new lightings: HDR Default, HDR Disco II and DarkField (special).

Warning! The HDR photorealistic diamond and inclusions visualization requires Graphics hardware supporting specific features. Please test your GPU (Graphics hardware) with DiamCalc – Graphics Compatibility Evaluator utility. This utility will attempt to render a reference data set in order to check if your Graphics hardware is compatible with new OctoNus HDR rendering engine. Even if you get negative test result the non-HDR visualization will be available in the program. Most of existing Windows computers is compatible with non-HDR OctoNus rendering engine.

To see new lighting:

HDR default + Inclusions HDR Disco II + Inclusions Dark Field (special)

Note. Use context menu to easy change Lighting and Diamond view. Right click mouse in Scene and select settings:

8. Autosave file option

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New option allows to save oxg file automatically. When Autosave option is enabled a copy of working project is saved periodically in file ****_Autosave in the folder My Documents. In case of software unexpected error you will be able to recover your work.

To switch on / off Autosave option and make Autosave settings:

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