3. Small interface improvements

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3.1 Inclusion numbering for every type of inclusions

Every type of inclusions is assigned name with its type automatically. Every type of inclusions has own numbering order: 3D-1, Point-1, Crack-1, Point-2 and so on

It is possible to sort inclusions by Type, Name, Status in allocation and Clarity.

3.2 Different names for different types of cracks, flat and curved

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The different names for flat and curved cracks are created in the new version. But if a crack was created in previous version its name will be just Crack without type.

3.3 Changing status for several inclusions and deleting several inclusions are available in the inclusion list

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The list of inclusion allows to select several inclusions and delete or to change its status by context menu.

For example, to set yellow status for several inclusions:

3.4 Search inclusions panel for cracks

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Search inclusions panel now works for the whole cracks (not only deep points).

3.5 Adding precise contour into deep points without switching between Microscope camera and Photo view mode

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New interface allows to add precise contours without switching into Photo view mode.

For example, you are in Microscope camera mode and need to add new contour into
Deep Point1 of a crack.

To add new contour into already existing Deep Point1 you should select Deep Point1 inclusions component.

There are two methods to do it:

Method 1. Click on Deep Point 1 thumbnail photo

As a result you will be switched into Photo view mode:

Method 2. Click on Deep Point 1 title, or any place except thumbnail photo

As a result you will be still in the Microscope camera mode (not switched into Photo view mode):

3.6 Creating a Deep point or its precise contour
by mouse click in Scene in place where you want to create it

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The new interface allows to create Deep points by mouse click in Scene in place where you want to make it.

For example, to create precise contour into existing Deep point:

To add a new Deep point use the same way. Right click mouse on Scene in place where you want to create new Deep point and select in context menu Add instant deep point

3.7 Changing photo sets of HR photos without changing number of photos

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Changing photo sets of HR photos without changing number of photos is available. So, if Photo set is changed the stone will remain in the same position. It provides an effect of changing of lighting in Scene:

Set 1. Dark lighting Set 2. Light lighting

3.8 Effects

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The button Effects in the right bottom allows to activate Auto-Contrast and other visual effects helping to see inclusions and crack borders clearly on the photographs with low contrast and imperfections.

3.9 Auto Exposure

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The new option Auto Exposure is available in the Microscope camera mode. To switch on Auto- Exposure press button A-E in the section Camera

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