What is Oxygen Microscope ?

The Oxygen Microscope is the software developed to work with M-Box (microscope). The system uses projects created by Helium Rough. Oxygen Microscope with M-Box allows creating photos of rough by microscope; defining any type of inclusions, exploring and working with the diamond cutting solutions, allocate diamonds, evaluating the prices of the different possible solutions and quality of the polished diamonds and creating Customer and Polish reports, very defined and customized.

Oxygen Microscope

The Oxygen Microscope is designed for diamond cutters and sale specialists dealing with rough diamonds, manufacturers and technologists. The software can be used for training and education. This system is beneficial for factory production and process control.

What is new ?

May 14, 2011 - Oxygen Microscope software version 3.2 build 819 is released.

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Download Oxygen Microscope
Download Oxygen Inclusion

Main features

  1. Special algorithms for Pin Point inclusions, 3D inclusion, Clouds, Flat cracks, Curved cracks, Blind cracks and Holes
  2. 5 axes control for multi axes manually moving of rough. Inclusions can be picked and placed from any window located at any place (except the place where the stone is glued)
  3. Different lighting options for transparent and opaque inclusions
  4. HDR photorealistic visualization of allocated diamonds and inner inclusions
  5. User friendly GUI and ergonomically designed control board
  6. Inclusion from VVS to I3 can be mapped
  7. Magnification up to 60x / 115x
  8. Automatic Clouds and Holes allocation
  9. Pin-hole cavities can be scanned and mapped
  10. LAN configurable. Can be networked with Helium Rough and other Oxygen/Pacor terminals
  11. Quick inclusion placement and very quick pay back time
  12. View the model of rough diamond and its inclusions
  13. Allocate diamonds with 17 optimization algorithms and explore solutions in different visualization modes
  14. Export allocated diamonds and its inclusions with textures into DiamCalc
  15. Evaluate the prices of allocation variants and clarity of polished diamond with an appraiser in the program
  16. Customer and Polish reports, very defined and customized
  17. Pacor rough classification cutting lists and yields in Oxygen
  18. Modifying appraiser


The examples of .oxg files are available for download in the gallery.


Oxygen Microscope Server download
Oxygen Inclusion download
Oxygen Viewer download

Oxygen Microscope Documentation (PDF)
Oxygen FAQ