Oxygen Inclusion
What is new in the Oxygen Inclusion 1.5.2?

February 23, 2007 - Oxygen Inclusion 1.5.2 is released.

The new features:

  1. Edit appraiser utility
  2. Double sandwich
  3. The sandwich feature allows SI3/I1/I2 layers
  4. When sandwich is created the "ex-parts" are automatically assigned with the desired clarity (clarity that user selected in the "make sandwich" window)
  5. In the "Clarity" window the program check the status of the inclusion. In appropriate cases program advices to leave the clarity intact (in these cases user should not change clarity according to size-based clarity but should leave the value that was specified in the "Make sandwich" window)

Edit appraiser utility

This utility allows correct the appraiser data. Open it from the panel Current Cut parameters appraiser:

1) You can select the appraisers you want to edit from the list

2) Set a different discount for a cut quality

3) Setting a numerical range for a gradation of parameter

4) Set a range for a parameter in a quality group by different ways

5) Edit fixed cuts

Read how to edit a file with appraisers

Double sandwich

"Shell" sandwich feature is extended with ability to create an extra medium layer "double sandwich".

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