Oxygen Inclusion
What is new in the Oxygen Inclusion 1.1?

Updates in the allocation

  • New allocation algorithms now operate with 3D-inclusions as true 3D-objects. The previous version of allocation algorithms operated with 3D-inclusions converting them into the set of points along the edges of 3D-inclusion; this lead to some collisions, for example a culet of allocated diamond could cross a big crack (through the large facet of the crack model). The new algorithms are free of this kind of mistakes.
  • "Default diamond clarity"option is added (see menu "Settings / Default diamond clarity ". This option affects the clarity of a diamond allocated without inclusions "clear diamond" (previous version always assigned "IF" clarity in this case). By default clear diamond will have clarity you selected as "default diamond clarity". However, the default clarity of clear diamond is dynamically increased if your allocation project contains inclusions with better clarity mark than you selected as default. The clarity of allocated clear diamond will be one grade higher than clarity grade of the smallest inclusion of your project.

Updates in the interface

  • The default contrast of objects in the 3D-scenes is increased.
  • Tree panel allows delete multiple solutions. Select the solutions you want delete using mouse and Shift or Ctrl keys. Press the "Del" key. You will be asked for confirmation before the solutions will be deleted. The group of solution can be deleted as well. If the group item will be selected for deletion then the entire group with all its solution will be deleted regardless of the selected/unselected solutions of this group.
  • The "Apply basis" button in the photo panel now change not only the position but also the size of the 3D-model in the scene so the size of the 3D object in the scene corresponds to the size of the diamond on the photo. If your photo is displayed in the left-upper scene then you can apply the basis of the photo to the right-upper scene without change of the active scene.

True color 3D-Stereo

You can run the Oxygen Inclusion in the 3D-Stereo mode. This mode gives you easy understanding of the 3D-structure of the rough diamond and the size and position of the inclusions and relative position of inclusions and allocated diamonds. This mode allows you to see your series of photographs in the stereo mode as well. With stereo photographs you can easily see the inclusions and their depth. Stereo-photographs can be viewed as stereo-movie as well. Here you can read how to configure the stereo mode on your computer.

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