What is Helium Polish and who benefits

What is Helium Polish?

The Helium Polish diamond scanner is a new device for cutting factories, laboratories and dealers. When a diamond is scanned with Helium an accurate 3D-model is constructed for the angle of inclination and the azimuth. This 3D model allows accurate visualization and realistic images to be produced that can show small distortions of symmetry and to use the output with various systems of appraisal. The program creates user-defined reports including that you can make with whichever selection you choose from the information in the detailed Helium report.

Existing scanners measure facet angles using a silhouette approach. But a facet has more than just an inclination, to properly describe it, we also need to know its orientation - what we call its azimuth. The Helium 3D-model also includes such elements as additional facets.

What is new ?

Helium Polish 5.4 is available for download.

More details...

Helium Polish system photo

Helium polish system photo

Main features

There are two core distinctions between the Helium scanner and other scanner models:

1. Helium scanner determines with high accuracy both the inclination of a facet and its azimuth.
2. Helium 3D model reveals major and minor symmetry features

Photo of the diamond Helium model with the photo Photo of the diamond Helium model with the photo
Photo of the diamond Helium model with the photo Photo of the diamond Helium model with the photo

Open 3D model* of the scanned diamond with major and minor symmetry features

3D model of round brilliant created by Helium polish is enough to estimate optic and minor symmetry quality. You can export 3D model to DiamCalc software and explore it. DiamCalc allows creating photoreal image of Helium Polish 3D model.

The system scanns different distortions, for example girdles with a conical shape, and calculating parameters more correct than manual measurements.

Very detailed reports display most of physical features of the polished diamond, including "Minimum Inscribed Circle - MIC", Error in radial roundness, Kozibe, Fish eye angle, Spread, Out of shape, Inclination + Azimuth angle of all the halves, Crown and Pavilion painting type and many other.

View all parameters and illustrations obtained by Helium Polish in the report:

MS Word Full report for polished brilliant (0,37 ct)

Helium Polish creates model of diamonds with any cutting by DLL and ASCII files.

Helium Polish function specification


HP 8.5 Digital HP 17 Digital HP 23 ProDigital HP 34 Digital HP 47 ProDigital

Field of view

6.6 x 8.7 mm 13.2 x 17.4 mm 17.7 x 23.6 mm 26.4 x 34.8 mm 35 x 47 mm

Polish size

2.3 - 8.5 mm

4.5 17 mm

5 23 mm

9 34 mm

10 47 mm

3D-model accuracy

6.5 microns

13 microns

15 microns

26 microns

30 microns

Projected RBC range

0.05 to 2.00 ct

0.35 to 18.00 ct

0.50 to 45.00 ct

3.00 to 140.00 ct

5.00 to 450 ct

Projected Marquise Range

0.09 to 0.60 ct

0.60 to 4.5 ct

0.90 to 11 ct

5.00 to 35 ct

9.00 to 110 ct

Diamond types

Any Cuts

ReCut option


Print reports

Available, very detailed + user-defined


12 months

Hardware specification

HP 8.5 Digital HP 17 Digital HP 23 ProDigital HP 34 Digital HP 47 ProDigital


1 : 1

1 : 2

1 : 4


Digital, 1360x1024
D 2/3"

Digital, 1360x1024
D 2/3"

Digital, 1600x1200
D 1"

Digital, 1360x1024
D 2/3"

Digital, 1600x1200
D 1"


19 kg

25 kg

25 kg

Dimensions L x W x H

70 cm x 16 cm x 21 cm

90 cm x 16 cm x 21 cm

90 cm x 16 cm x 21 cm

Operating Systems

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

Power consumption

220/110V 50/60Hz 300W

Processing time for diamonds

Method (precision) Quantity of contours Time of scan mode, sec Time of build mode, sec* Total time, sec
Quick 100 5 3 8
Optimum 200 10 4 14
Accuracy 400 20 6 26
Hi accuracy 800 40 10 50

*Time of work is measured by the diamonds: symmetrical RBC 0.55 ct or asymmetrical RBC 0.37 ct. Time of build mode depends on quantity of dust on the stone surface and mass and cutting form of stones, it can change from time to time within the limits of 5 sec. Time is measured on Helium Polish system HP 8.5 and computer AMD Dual Core 2.4GHz, 2Gb RAM or Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 2.13Ghz, 4Gb RAM.

Helium Polish reports

MS Word Illustrated report for brilliant   PDF

Illustrated report for polished brilliant

MS Word Illustrated report for cushion   PDF

Illustrated report for cushion


Helium Polish software allows creating and customizing reports for round brilliant, marquise, oval, pear, princess, step cuts, cushion, radiants and any cuts for polished and semipolished diamonds. More examples of reports:


Download Helium Polish
Download Helium Polish templates of reports

Helium Polish FAQ
Helium Polish Highlights (PDF)
Helium Polish system manual (PDF)
Helium reports documentation (PDF)

*To open 3D models you need a free GemAdviser software