What is new in the DiamCalc 2.4 beta?

September 30, 2005 DiamCalc 2.4.0 (build 337) beta is released.
October 18, 2005 DiamCalc 2.4.0 (build 377) hasp edition beta is released.

This is a nonscheduled beta version devoted to the new AGS_2005 appraiser. The goal of this version is to help the gem cutters to determine the final grade of the cut. As AGS_2005 takes into consideration several parameters simultaneously together with the Girdle Height and Spread determining the overall grade is not an easy task.

This version is not a final release, but only a beta, because the rules of the new AGS 2005 appraiser may still be corrected.

New features

  1. The Brilliant cut has new parameters: Culet offset and azimuth, Upper and lower facets azimuth.
  2. The previous AGS appraiser is renamed to AGS_Classic.
  3. The new AGS appraiser for Brilliant and Prince cuts is added. It is named AGS_2005. This appraiser provides estimation of the overall cut quality, using several cut parameters simultaneously. The parameters that are taken into account during stone appraisal are displayed in gray, red or green color. The red color means that it is necessary to decrease the parameter value to get to a better group, the green color suggests to increase the parameter value. There is also a special button "Better group" that changes all parameters of the stone to move it to a nearest better group.
  4. AGS Spread parameter is available. It is used in AGS_2005 appraiser.
  5. AGS Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool lighting (ASET) is added.
  6. The possibility to choose the RGB primaries for color correction is available.
    See Gamma correction section in the lighting configuration.

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