What is DiamCalc and who benefits from it

What is new in the DiamCalc?

January 2, 2009 - DiamCalc 3.2 beta is available for download

1. Inclusions rendering
2. Non convex (concave) cut renderings are supported
3. Importing non convex cuts from binary stl
4. Stars effect
5. Export movies for ipod / iphone using dc quicktime exporter
6. Creating layer through three points in the cut designer
7. New buttons undo, redo and new are available in the cut designer
8. DiamCalc demo version
9. Custom preform / Recut
10. New view modes are available in the main diamcalc view window: statistics diagrams, etas and detas
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Main features of DiamCalc


What is new in the DiamCalc 3.2 beta?
DiamCalc 3.2 beta Documentation (PDF)
DiamCalc 3.0 Documentation (PDF)

DiamCalc FAQ

Video tutorial

Tutorial - Using DiamCalc & GEM Adviser on http://ideal-scope.com

Video Chapters:

  1. Turning on the lights
  2. Opening emailed DiamCalc and gem Adviser files
  3. Saving image and Gem Adviser to email client
  4. Changing preset diamond shapes
  5. Cut Quality and Appraiser
  6. Scanned reports and advanced facet edits
  7. Making movies for emailing, websites and youTube
  8. Inhouse grading report
  9. Split screen viewing and ray tracing
  10. High Dynamic Range lighting
  11. Converting to Gem files
  12. Using GemAdviser

Quick guide on Key operations (How to..)


DiamCalc cut parameters
Cut Quality Estimation

Tutorial: How to Create High dynamic range (HDR) panorama

Diamond 3DBook - interactive diamond traning course

Diamond 3DBook is a computer tutorial that involves extensive information on working with diamonds: from the physical background determining the unique properties of these stones to the modern worldwide system of diamond trade.

3DBook is designed for training diamond specialists and raising the level of their skills. The capability of interactive diamond modeling and the availability of extensive reference data make Diamond 3D Book a useful tool in everyday work of gemologists, appraisers, Certification Centers, gemstone cutters, gemological labs and institutes, manufacturers and sellers of diamonds and jewelry made of these.

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