Collection of different parametrical diamond models with IdealScope lighting.

Using the table below you can download different parametrical* models of the diamond to be used with GemAdviser software.

Once the model is downloaded you can:

  • Evaluate Light Return, Leakage and a couple of other diamond characteristics;
  • See a "photorealistic" diamond picture with different lighting;
  • Record and play a movie with diamond tilting in different directions ("play" button);
  • Change the lighting models (Office and Disco).

We strongly recommend you to try the "movie" feature with one of standard lighting models (Office or Disco).

In order to use the downloaded diamond models you need the GemAdviser to be installed on your computer. If you are not familiar with the GemAdviser software or have not installed it then please refer to the GemAdviser page.

There is a Quick guide on Key operations (How to..) with tips of using GemAdviser software.

The table below contains the set of round diamond models with the following common characteristics:

  • Size - 6 mm
  • Table - 56%
  • Girdle - medium
  • Culet - pointed

For each model crown angle corresponds to the value given in the top of the column and pavilion angle is given in the left. All pictures below are generated with IdealScope lighting model. This lighting model is also available with downloaded files (you need to select "Original" lighting).

Click on any picture below to download the corresponding GemAdviser model

* Please notice that all these models are parametrical that means ideal symmetry. The real diamonds are not ideally symmetrical so it is preferable to use the real 3D-model even for prior analysis.

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