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Helium Polish 5.4

What is new:

  • More precise definition of diamond density
  • New measurements of Heights for Pavilion and Girdle
  • New version of full report contains united together full reports for polished and semi-polished diamonds
  • Reports for cuttings with 10, 12 or more main facets, like Solasphera
  • New options for picture Profile View Report
  • Customization of pictures of Pear cutting
  • Information about quality of model and errors of building is available in program and reports
  • Auto save ASCII file while building of cutting
  • Improved building of emerald model
  • Improved building of cushion model
  • Facet’s marking improvement
  • Fixed bug of definition of girdle center for heart
  • New parameters Table by Width and Table by Length

More details..

Download Helium Polish
Download templates of reports


Stereo Movie Viewer 2.17 minor update

What is new:

  • Minor user interface improvements, including - XP/Win7- styled controls
  • Frame-by-frame movement by moving of mouse
  • Restructuring of application menu
  • Fixed bug

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Download free Stereo Movie Viewer


Oxygen Microscope and Oxygen Inclusion 3.2

What is new:

  • Automatic creating 3D models of cavities
    New automatic cavity’s allocation tool allows creating surface’s cavities that have not been detected by standard Shadow and LM methods and do it automatically. The new tool contains easy-to-use and convenient interface, works fast and accurate. After 3d model of cavity is created it will be cut off from the 3D model of rough diamond. So 3d model of rough became more precise now.
  • Improvements of autoexposure algorithm
    The autoexposure algorithm reduces flickering for short exposures and offers superior image quality due improving of convergence criteria.
  • 64-bit Windows support
    Now M-Box works with 64-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows Vista with new release of Oxygen Microscope.
  • New Polish reports templates are available in the Oxygen Software
    It has the advantages for analyzing girdle asymmetry and removing girdle asymmetry came from Helium Polish.

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Download Oxygen Microscope
Download Oxygen Inclusion


DiamCalc Stereo Movies of Diamonds with Realistic
Rendering of Inclusions and Depth-of-Field Effect

The next versions of DiamCalc will be able generate DiamCalc stereo movies of diamonds with realistic rendering of inclusions and depth-of-field effect, lens or human eye modeling. Now please see the examples of future DiamCalc FLM stereo movies.

Download examples of new DiamCalc stereo movies

The new movies can be played by Stereo movie viewer.

Download free Stereo Movie Viewer


Stereo Movie Viewer 2.16
Formerly known as Stereo Film Viewer

The Stereo movie viewer allows playing movies and stereo movies in FLM format or series of photos in JPG or BMP formats.

What is new:

  • The new Stereo movie viewer supports playing DiamCalc stereo movies with realistic rendering of inclusions and depth-of-field effect, lens or human eye modelling. At the moment versions of DiamCalc available for download do not support rendering inclusions and export of FLM stereo movies. It is coming on the next versions. But you can see examples of new DC stereo movies here.
  • Support for NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ and 3D Vision™ Pro tecnhology. It allows to watch stereo movies on NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ supported hardware in full-screen and windowed display mode. Windowed mode is supported for NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Pro with NVIDIA® Quadro® technology.
  • User interface improvements
  • Additional movie visualization options: 50%, 100%, 200% frame scale
  • Added split types:
    • Side by Side - In case of this split type the initial frame is divided in two images, for left and right eye, by vertical line.
    • Frame Shift - In case of this split type the images for left and right eye are presented from the stream of frames with some shift. For movies with rotating objects
    • Over / Under - In case of this split type the initial frame is divided in two images, for left and right eye, by horizontal line.
  • Added Full screen mode
  • Changed names of parameters for stereo movies:
    A to Frame Shift, D to Frame Distance

More details and examples of stereo movies

Download free Stereo Movie Viewer


Helium Polish 5.2 beta

Previous version Helium Polish 5 (build 5.1.15) contains some critical errors, find their description below. We have fixed the errors urgently and offer to download and use new version Helium Polish 5.2 beta (build

We apologize for inconvenience.

Please pay attention that this is a beta version of program. It is published to fix errors. Now we are working on new version of Helium Polish.

Fixed bugs

  • Missing data in step cuts
  • Wrong Width value for Pear type cuttings

Changes in new version

  • Changed names of some new pictures and parameters for girdle asymmetry

More details >>


Oxygen Microscope and Oxygen Inclusion 3.1

What is new:
  • Creating automatic clouds
  • Splitting cloud parts
  • New option: inclusion contrast
  • New visual model of Flat Crack
  • Pacor rough classification cutting lists and yields in Oxygen
More details >>


Helium Polish 5

All-round girdle asymmetry removalNew version of Helium Polish is released.

  • New advantages for analyzing girdle asymmetry and removing girdle asymmetry
  • Defining Girdle Types for Cushion as Red, Yellow, Green and Blue
  • New algorithm of autocalibrating of Helium Polish scanner
  • New algorithm with additional contours for general improvement of model construction
  • Algorithms Princess and New Princess are improved
  • Rough and Polish Polyhedron algorithms are improved
  • Improved constructions of some cushions
  • Removed superfluous facets of some semipolished model
  • Line thickness of reports pictures can be modified via INI file
  • New girdle thickness line is added in the plot Girdle thickness
  • Type of facets in fancy cuts are defined better
  • Added new picture into reports - Diamond side view without dimensions lines and parameters values
  • Fixed bugs

More details >>


Oxygen Viewer Free Version 1.6

New program is available for download.

What is new in the Oxygen Viewer Free Version:

  • Indication of solution ID
  • Solution layers are visible in the Solutions mode
  • Updated diamond clarity estimation algorithm
  • Appraisers and dll cuttings are updated
  • Fixed bug

More details>>

Download Oxygen Viewer Free Version 1.6


Announcement! Inclusions with textures

Demo-movie3D models of diamonds with textured inclusions will be available in the next version of DiamCalc.
See example of Demo-movie

3D models with inclusions can be created in Oxygen since version 3.0. The new Oxygen software allows to make export of allocated polished diamond with its inclusions and textures and Helium Polish scanned models into DiamCalc file.


Oxygen Microscope and Oxygen Inclusion 3

New versions of Oxygen software are available for download.

What is new in the Oxygen:

  • New optimization algorithms are included
  • Reports are available in the Oxygen software
    • Oxygen Customer report
    • Oxygen Polish reports
  • Extra options for inclusion visualization
  • Export of allocated diamonds with inclusions and Helium Polish scanned models into DiamCalc files
  • Improved camera access

More details >>


Rough and Polish diamonds movies

Rough and Polish diamond movies are available for viewing and download:

  • Rough stereo movies. This set of films for rough diamonds can be viewing in stereo mode
  • Lightbox and movies for cut comparison. The set of pairs of films in different lighting conditions for the same stones
  • Round + Cushion movies. Round and cushion diamonds are moved together in one film

All films are available in FLM and Quick Time formats.


Inconsistencies in "The French Blue and the Hope"
Letters  Gem & Gemology  Summer 2009

In their article presenting a new model of the French Blue (Spring G&G, pp. 4–19), Farges et al. used a newly discovered lead cast to confirm the possibility of the Hope diamond being cut from the French Blue. During their research, they created a three-dimensional model of the cast based on the shadow projections obtained by an Octonus Helium Rough 1:4 scanner operated by Matrix Diamond Technology. The dimensions of the model are 30.37 x 25.50 x 12.87 mm, which match those of the lead cast within 20 microns accuracy. (This model is available at

From my analysis of the 3D model, I disagree with some of the statements made in the article...

Read Inconsistencies in "The French Blue and the Hope" from Gem & Gemology


Oxygen Microscope and Oxygen Inclusion 2.5

New versions of Oxygen software are available for download.

What is new in the Oxygen:

  1. New context based interface for creating inclusions
    • Example of working with new context based interface. Creating a new inclusion
    • Tools for creating inclusions contours are available in Scene
  2. Inclusion selection tool
  3. Small interface improvements
    • Inclusion numbering for every type of inclusions
    • Different names for different types of cracks, flat and curved
    • Changing status for several inclusions and deleting several
      inclusions are available in the inclusion list
    • Search inclusions panel for cracks
    • Adding precise contour into deep points without switching between Microscope camera and Photo view mode
    • Creating a Deep point or its precise contour by mouse click in
      Scene in place where you want to create it
    • Changing photo sets of HR photos without changing number of photos
    • Effects
    • Auto Exposure
  4. New type of inclusions Cloud
  5. Creating hole by photos from Helium Rough
  6. New Blind method for creating Cracks
  7. HDR photorealistic diamond and inclusions visualization
  8. Autosave file option

More details >>


Diamond Calculator 3.2 demo version

Vivid color demoYou may have tried to explain the benefits of DiamCalc to friends and associates. There is a powerful free demo version. It is available for download here

The demo version contains three examples:

  • Marquise – parametric cut demo
  • Cushion – vivid color demo
  • Crack – inclusions demo

Crack inclusion demoThe Demo enables all HDR rendering features for the limited included examples.

Please read the detail descriptions of new possiblities and restrictions in the DiamCalc 3.2 Demo version

Restriction of Demo version: files can not be saved and loaded, but the marquise proportions can be adjusted to see how DiamCalc can benefit colour enhancement by controlling the cut. The brilliant that demonstrates the Inclusion viewer however does not enable proportions to be changed.


Helium Rough & Pacor Client 4.55

Helium Rough and Pacor Client 4.55 are available for download.

What is new in the software:

  1. New batch laser marking mode
  2. New safety laser marking option
  3. Checking shift of stone position during scanning and marking
  4. Optimization algorithms are improved
  5. Inclusions textures on photorealistic images
  6. Export set of burning lines into separate file *.bdl from Pacor Client and mark it on Helium Rough

The detail descriptions of new features of Helium Rough and Pacor Client

Download Helium Rough
Download Pacor Client


Helium Polish 4.51

What is new in the program:

  • New parameters: Radius, Crown height at Bone and Pavilion depth at Bone
  • Girdle sides and Internal angles output into reports for straight ages fancies
  • Extra facets for girdle, crown and pavilion
  • Illustrated report for step cuts
  • Small improvements in marquise construction

The detail descriptions and examples of new reports


Dear Partners & Customers,

Our phone in Moscow Office + 7 (495) 545 5719 is changed.
Please use the new phone number + 7 (495) 639 9384


Helium Polish 4.49

Girdle sides and girdle internal angles  

New features of the program:

  • New cuts Cushion, Radiant and Square Radiant are constructed by Helium Polish
  • Girdle sides and girdle internal angles are available for princesses, step cuts, radiants, square radiants and others
  • New Algorithm for Automatic control of holder height
  • Accuracy of defining the directions of minimum and maximum diameters is increased

The detail descriptions and
examples of new reports


GemAdviser 2.0GemAdviser free version 2.0

What is new in the program:

  • High Dynamic Range images and movies
  • Two new lighting presets (HDR):
    • HDR Default Lighting
    • HDR Disco II
  • Support for new external cuts (dll modules)

More details >>

Download GemAdviser


3DBook free

Diamond 3DBook free full version is available on our web-site.

Diamond 3DBook is a computer interactive tutorial that involves extensive information on working with diamonds: from the physical background determining the unique properties of these stones to the modern worldwide system of diamond trade.

Diamond 3DBook free full version

3DBook is designed for training diamond specialists and raising the level of their skills. The capability of interactive diamond modeling and the availability of extensive reference data make Diamond 3D Book a useful tool in everyday work of gemologists, appraisers, Certification Centers, gemstone cutters, gemological labs and institutes, manufacturers and sellers of diamonds and jewelry made of these.


Helium Rough & Pacor Client 4.37

Helium Rough and Pacor Client 4.37 are released.

New features of the programs:

  1. New parameters for recognition
  2. Rough models resembling
  3. New interface for Marking-out panel
  4. Scroll-bar for cutting list
  5. Differently colored inclusions output into pictures of rough reports
  6. Optimization algorithms are improved. New algorithms 08.Single and 08.Single.Flex are available
  7. Laser marking control of hardware is improved
  8. Laser marking offset for girdle form marking
  9. Angle & azimuth info of allocated diamonds with respect to its table
  10. Custom cuttings in Rough Classification panel are saved in mmd file
  11. New option for Optimization task list
  12. New optimization methods are added into the Small stone process
  13. Fixed bug

The detail descriptions of new features of Helium Rough and Pacor Client


Oxygen XRay 2.3

New version of Oxygen XRay is released.

The new version of XRay software creates 3D models directly from X-Ray data. In the previous version creating 3D models were possible only via import Ctan 3D STL models.

New features of the program:

  • Creating 3D model of rough and inclusions manually or automatically from X-Ray data
  • New interface for checking, adding and removing inclusions

Oxygen XRay Step by Step Instruction (PDF)
XRay project sample*

To download Oxygen XRay please contact us

*To view oxg files you can use Oxygen Viewer Free Version and Oxygen Inclusion


Synthetic Appeal

Many diamantaires believe that synthetic diamonds pose a risk to consumer confidence — because "fakes" might be passed off unethically as natural diamonds — and that high-end consumers will never choose a synthetic diamond anyway. But what if man-made diamonds created their own new markets by developing a niche in exclusive luxury goods?

Read Letter to the Editor from Rapaport Diamond Report.


Helium Rough & Pacor Client 4.33

Helium Rough and Pacor Client 4.33 are released.

New features of the programs:

  1. Optimization algorithms are improved
  2. New version 1.2 of DLL cuttings is developed for more fast optimization
  3. Four diamonds in solution are displayed in Marking Out panel
  4. Records of inclusion quantity in the TXT report
  5. Short shape`s names in Marking Out and full name in the Parameter panels
  6. New recognition
  7. Bound Swim for All layers
  8. Open mmd files with duplicated cuttings without using CopyCutting command
  9. New Helium Polish AnyCut report is available for optimized cuts. It can be used for all supported cuts: internal, ASCII, DLL, unknown cuts etc

The detail descriptions of new features of Helium Rough and Pacor Client
Download DLL cuttings


Oxygen Viewer 1.5

New version of Oxygen Viewer is available for download.

Full parameters panelWhat is new in the Oxygen Viewer Free Version:

  • The clarity mini-report is improved in the Inclusions in polished mode
  • Full parameters list panel with the Cut grade, Clarity and Color is available
  • JPEG format is supported
  • Projects with huge amount of inclusions opens faster in new version
  • Correct displaying of diamonds allocated with CopyCutting command
More details...

Download Oxygen Viewer Free Version 1.5


Oxygen Microscope and Oxygen Inclusion 2.3

New versions of Oxygen software are available for download.

What is new in the Oxygen: Curved Crack

  • Creating Curved cracks
  • Creating 3D Inclusions
  • Constructing of Point inclusions is improved
  • Auto focus
  • Automatic shot for the new inclusion contour
  • Crosshair & Pear button
  • Inclusion contour selection windows updates
  • Focus movement control is improved for MBox with OctoNus motor
More details...

Helium Polish 4.29

Helium Polish 4.29 is released.

New updates of the program:
  • Constructing of some round fancy model created by asc sample is improved
  • Triangle door pointer is available on pictures in the report
  • New estimations of Width and Length in the Heart report
  • Ratio L/W and Girdle ratio
  • Crown main and corner angles, Pavilion main and corner angles are available for Radiant
  • Parameters Corner width / length in the report for StepCut
  • New behavior of stone weight input in the scanning process

The detail descriptions and examples of new reports


Helium Polish 4.23

Helium Polish 4.23 is released.

Features of the new version:

  • New universal report for unknown and any cuts is available (if you create a cutting by asc sample use Unknown Report type)
  • Facets angles, azimuths and other are displayed on Scene
  • Girdle symmetry picture and diagram are improved
  • Girdle facets angles and azimuths are available for brilliants and rounded fancies
  • HTML report for Step Cut
  • Autosave STL option

Girdle asymmetry and recommendation for removing
Girdle asymmetry (left picture) and
Recommendation for removing (right picture)

The detail descriptions and examples of new reports


Oxygen XRay

New Oxygen XRay software is released.

The Oxygen XRay is a software developed to work with 3D models created by CTan program, SkyScan system. The CTan program uses X-Ray data and creates STL 3D model of rough and its inclusions manually or automatically. Oxygen XRay software loads 3D models, allows to analyze inclusions, allocates diamonds and evaluates prices of solutions.

Main features of the program:

  • Import CTan STL 3D models and inclusions
  • Reduce STL model complexity and convert to Oxygen files
  • Check and remove incorrect inclusions
  • Define any type of inclusions
  • Allocate diamonds
  • Explore diamond cutting solutions
  • Evaluate prices of the different possible solutions and quality of the polished diamonds

Oxygen XRay Step by Step Instruction (PDF)

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