Download the Pacor Client

Pacor Client 4.55 build 3195

26 June, 2009

Pacor Client hasp HL pro version 4.55.3195 is released on 7 May, 2009

  1. Optimization algorithms are improved
  2. Inclusions textures on photorealistic images
  3. Export set of burning lines into separate file *.bdl from Pacor Client and mark it on Helium Rough

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Download Helium Rough report templates
Download Helium Polish report templates

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Email address (7,0 Mb) - Download and replace file PacorClient.exe from the downloaded archive You can find the file PacorClient.exe in the root folder of the program Pacor Client. The default path is C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\Pacor\

Hasp HL key (short)HASP HL Driver

If you install this software first time please also download and install the Hasp HL driver

HASPUserSetup.exe (1,8 Mb) - Hasp HL device driver installation program for Windows.The installation should be run with an administrative account

Important! Please read this before download

1. Use new templates of reports

To correct use new version of the program download corresponding new templates of the reports (8 February, 2008)
For allocated diamonds use templates of the reports for Helium Polish for brilliant, prince, princess-3s, emerald, baguette, square baguette, ASCII, DLL, unknown cuts etc (10 June, 2009)

2. Use new set of optimization algorithms

Work with the program since version 4.37 with new set of optimization algorithms (15 December, 2008)

3. Dx.dll
To work with new possibilities of the program since version 4.37 you need to use dx.dll. The dx.dll is available for download in archive (15 December, 2008) Unpack into the same folder as HeliumRough.exe

4. Oxjsr.dll and HeliumRP.dll
To work with new possibilities of the program since version 4.21 you need to use oxjsr.dll and HeliumRP.dll. The new Dll are available for download in archive (8 February, 2008) contains necessary microsoft dll for correct working new HeliumRP.dll

5. Note
We recommend saving all previous files before downloading and installation of new files in separate folder (for example, Archive). In case of necessity you can use them.