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DiamCalc 3.2 Demo

June 09, 2009

Explore DiamCalc 3.2 Demo, explain the benefits of the software to friends and associates. There is a powerful free demo version

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DiamCalc 3.2 Demo version is an installation program for Windows (9,04 Mb). Please run installation with an administrative account

DiamCalc 3.2 Beta & DiamCalc 3.2 Pro

January 2, 2009

What is new in the DiamCalc 3.2 ?

For several years the diamond industry has designed most of its new diamond cuts using various computer aided design software like GemCad. The virtual models of potential new diamond cuts are then transferred into DiamCalc software. Designers check the appearance and light performance with DiamCalc photo-realistic images and virtual cut assessment tools like Hearts and Arrows viewers, ASET and Ideal-Scope. By trial and error designers then optimize the proportions. OctoNusís new DiamCalc 3.0 vastly improves this process...
Press Release. DiamCalc 3.0 and DiamCalc 3.0 Professional launched by OctoNus

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DiamCalc 3.2 Beta build 487 is an installation program for Windows (22,8 Mb). Please run installation with an administrative account

The program requires
HaspHL keys (short)
OctoNus DiamCalc3 008-*****
Hasp HL key (short)

DiamCalc 3.0

August 3, 2007

This is a previous version of the DiamCalc 3.2.

Owners of short keys only - you can install and use the new version DC 3.2 beta.

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The program requires Hasp key. Select your type of Hasp keys:

HaspHL key (short)

Hasp4 key (long)

January 09, 2009: this package is updated against the expiration message

DiamCalc 3.0 is an installation program for Windows (26,9 Mb). Please run installation with an administrative account.

Hasp HL key (short)
OctoNus DiamCalc3 008-*****
Hasp HL key (short)

Hasp4 key (long)
OctoNus DiamCalc 006-*****
Hasp4 key (long)

Upgrade from DiamCalc2.x to DiamCalc3.x

Case 1
If you have a downloaded version of DiamCalc2.x without any HASP key then please click this link add your company information and registration key number that you can find by opening DC2 and clicking on Help (top right) and then Registration Info.... (Please copy and paste the key #ís to avoid errors). After Key confirmation OctoNus will send you an email with an link where for 65 euro plus delivery you can pay by secure credit card payment for delivery of the hasp key - shown on the bottom. (This covers the cost and handling of the key - the upgrade is essentially free).

Hasp HL key (short)Case 2
If you have Hasp HL key (short) version of DiamCalc - simply download the latest DC3.2 version from this page. Your upgrade is free.

Hasp4 key (long)Case 3
If you have Hasp4 key (long) version of DiamCalc - we recommend to change your long Hasp4 key to Hasp HL key.

With old Hasp4 key (long) you be able download and use only the DC3.0 version from this page.

Read more details about Purchase and Upgrade DiamCalc here

Important! Please read this before download DiamCalc

1. The installation programs are digitally signed. Once you downloaded *.exe please check the signature

We do not recommend to run installation if the signature is absent or not valid: this is dangerous (running corrupted file can lead to unpredictable results)! Click here to read how to check the signature. If the signature of installation file is not OK or absent please retry to download again. You can also try to use a different download server.
If the problem persists please send message to DiamCalc support service.

2. Test you GPU (Graphics hardware) with DiamCalc Graphics Compatibility Evaluator utility

The utility will attempt to render a reference data set in order to chek if your Graphics hardware is compatible with new OctoNus HDR rendering engine. Please notice: even if you get negative test result the non-HDR rendering still available in DiamCalc3. Most of existing windows computers are compatible with non-HDR OctoNus rendering engine.

Important! If you get the expiration message from DiamCalc 3:

Attention for DiamCalc3 users: If your DiamCalc gives the message "The software has expired..." there are several option to fix the problem:

1) Owners of short keys only - you can install and use the new version DC 3.2 beta

2) Owners of short keys and long keys - you can download and install the updated DiamCalc 3.0 installation packages in the section DiamCalc 3.0 (select your type of hasp keys and press button Download Now). Necessary dll files will be updated.

3) Manual update - download this update (558 Kb). This package has 3 dll files, you should unpack it and copy in your working DiamCalc folder (usually C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\Diamond Calculator****). Say yes to overwrite the existing CutDesigner.dll and GingemaUser.dll. Please be sure to exit from any running DiamCalcs while updating the files.

We strongly appologize for this inconvenience.