Download the Algorithms for HR & PC

Set of Optimization Algorithms

21 september, 2010 - new set of algorithms is available for download. Added the algorithm 09.Adaptive.Beta (4,7 Kb) - The package contains algorithms for Helium Rough and Pacor Client with 09.Adaptive.Beta

Installation instuctions

1. Download and replace file Method2002.Mmd with new one from the downloaded archive You can find current version of the file Method2002.Mmd in the root folder of the program Helium Rough or Pacor Client. The default path is C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\Helium

2. Run program. In the panel Marking out press on the cross and select Load default methods (Method2002.mmd). Then save current project as Heliumstart.mmd (for Helium Rough) or Start.mmd (for Pacor Client) - in the main menu select Start/Save project as.. and find in the default folder given files. Check before that files Heliumstart.mmd or Start.mmd are not read-only in the properties of files (the default path for location of files: C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\Helium or C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\Pacor-client)

3. Next time program will get new set of algorithms


To open mmd file created with early versions of algorithms and run optimization with one of the new algortihms:

  1. Open mmd file
  2. In the panel Marking out press on the cross and select Load default methods (Method2002.mmd)
  3. In the panel Marking out on the page Process, section Optimize right click on the algorithm and select required new algorithm
  4. Run optimization

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